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Director, LCSW, Professional Certified Coach

Sheila provides intensive therapy  that reaches to the core of the issue with the goal of total healing. Her specialty is trauma recovery using an experiential style that includes physical, emotional and mental components. "Our body and mind can betray us until we uncover the truth".

Sheila also provides relationship coaching to individuals, couples and families. Showing up isn't enough. Relationships are not simply meant to endure, they should grow and deepen.  Becoming our true self brings creativity, evolution, intelligence and fulfillment to our life and our relationships.

Sheila recharges with yoga, being in nature, and spending time cycling, skiing, or playing tennis.




Professional Certified Coach

Clif has a deep passion for creating authentic relationships.  He understands that we learn and grow through the relationship cycle. "It takes a long time to become yourself." Clif has made many transitions in his personal and professional life from professional ballet dancer, to chef, and lawyer to successful business executive.

He provides coaching within all relationship types, having a focus on the LGBTQ+ community.  Clif holds a positive and non-judgmental stance believing that each of us has a unique and valuable contribution to make towards living more effective and fulfilling lives. "Now more than ever, the world needs you to be you, and relationship is where that begins."




Licensed Clinical Social Work Associate

Mackensie is  passionate about working with adolescents and older adults suffering with depression or anxiety. She provides guidance and healing for those who are wrestling with a sense of loss, whether that loss is of a loved one, a job, a physical ability, or a dream. She is also passionate about working with families to improve conflict resolution, strengthen communication skills, and help parents navigate challenging dynamics with young children.
Mackensie believes every one of her clients can find joy in the life they have.


Licensed Clinical Social Work Associate

Eleni utilizes a feminist, trauma-sensitive approach to support the healing of those who have experienced anxiety, trauma and interpersonal violence. Working with youth and young adults, she uses a person-centered framework to help clients understand, appreciate and regain control over the emotional and physiological responses that can come with trauma and PTSD. Eleni acknowledges that the client is the expert in their life experience, and works to promote communication, coping skills and interpersonal dynamics that will facilitate the client's transition from surviving to thriving.

In her spare time, Eleni enjoys dancing, cooking, and taking her kitten for neighborhood walks.

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