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Becoming Your Best Self Program

Who Am I?

I have been providing insight and direction to individuals, couples, family members, and peers for over 30 years in the areas of personal growth and professional development. I believe that relationships are the most critical priority in life and that people are our most precious resource. I was fortunate to learn about relationship styles in a way that easily translates to better communication, smooth conflict resolution, and increased satisfaction in the lives of people at all stages of their relationships. I use my skills as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Professional Coach to assist my clients in building strong and lasting relationships as well as in repairing those relationships that have suffered setbacks.

I will help you to understand people and interact with them in a way that builds trust, safety, shared purpose, and lasting connection. I invite you to walk with me on a path that is aimed at achieving your personal happiness.

About This Program

Do you feel like something is in your way to being all that you can be? Many things stop us from realizing the success that is possible. Achieving our goals is important and it builds self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. Peak performance coaching provides a system to help you achieve your goals and expand your life to realize your dreams.


Who It Is For?

This program is for those who feel stuck or experience a lack of motivation in moving into the life they desire. It is for those who procrastinate, limit their growth and devalue their worth. Are you suffering from negative self-worth, a lack of confidence or old patterns that keep getting repeated in a way that stops you from attaining your goals? In this program you will learn to tackle your inner (and outer) critics as you build a path to your desired future. Becoming your best self in all areas of your life through resolving the past, planning for the future and creating an action plan to reach your goals.


Who It Is Not For?

This program is not for those who are afraid of tackling the negative beliefs that are standing in the way of progress in their life. It is also not for those who already have attained their desired life through setting and achieving their goals.

Module One

Uncover Your Natural Style


Learn to understand yourself and the ways you relate to others and the world in general.


You will become an expert on yourself and the way your values and priorities inform your internal and external patterns of behavior.

Module Two

Play to Your Strengths


Learn to leverage your personality style to choose a path that compliments you.


In this module you will learn about the ways you can maximize your strengths and embrace your values to become a high achiever in a role that matches your style.
Module Three

Transform Your Achilles Heel


Learn to limit the effects of your particular achilles heel on your success.


In this module you will identify the personality characteristics that get in the way of you being all you can be. You will discover a personal development plan to move yourself along your desired path.

Module Four

Realize Your Ideal Self


Identify your current self, quiet your critical self and reach towards realizing your super self.


In this module you will build self image as you discover your life purpose. You will assess the internal and external factors that influence your path to greatness.

Module Five

Master Interpersonal Competency


Learn the eight interpersonal skills you need to master to relate effectively with others.


The Eight Core Interpersonal Competencies help you be effective in achieving the success you want utilizing skills for bringing out the best in yourself and others.


Module Six

Set and Achieve Super Goals


Master the seven steps to achieve any goal.


In this module you will learn to map out a path to achieving your goals and commit to the action steps you need along the way.

Module Seven

The Peak Performance Template


Learn the strategies necessary to ensure peak performance for yourself.


In this module you will learn to maximize your energy, manage your stress and operate in your creative zone. Learn to produce great results, on time, of the highest quality and on a consistent basis.

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