Professional Consultation for Providers of Physical, Spiritual and Mental Health

Partnering with an experienced therapist can support your work with clients and allow you to continue to provide ongoing care. Sheila has 30 years of experience with trauma therapy to include EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Imagery, Hakomi, and other experiential techniques helpful in navigating the path.

  • Do you need assistance in determining the direction to go with a client to move them out of a stuck position?
  • Is there a piece of trauma work that, if resolved, could move your work with your client forward?
  • Are there clients who are pushing you to your limit and inhibiting your ability to provide the quality care you desire?
  • Do you need help understanding and recovering from abusive encounters in your practice?
  • Would EMDR therapy be an effective addition to the services you offer your client?

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is offered to therapy practitioners in a group or individual setting.

  • Are you ready to move your treatment of trauma to the next level?
  • Would you benefit from incorporating experiential techniques into your practice?
  • Are you dedicated to creating positive change in the lives of your clients?
  • Would you benefit from the business knowledge to build your practice?


Trauma Therapy Intensives

Trauma can impact our lives from a physical, spiritual, emotional, and cognitive perspective. It is often difficult to adequately address complex trauma within the therapeutic hour. Imagine having the time to delve deep, in a safe environment, without a time restriction.  Sheila offers intensive trauma therapy in an intense five-day program designed to:

  • Assess the trauma and its current affects in your life.
  • Get to the heart of the wounding and provide healing.
  • Clear a path for walking forward in wholeness.
  • Collaborate with your providers to continue ongoing care.




  • Have you been through a major shock or trauma in your life from which you have been unable to recover?
  • Do you need support navigating a significant transition?
  • Do you feel tired, fried, or riled up after a sudden change or shocking life event that has caused you to feel out of balance, stuck and unable to move forward?
  • Are you ready to be open to support to change and shift into being balanced, healthy, and whole again?


Educator Training

Do you have difficulty understanding why some students thrive and some seem to have trouble fitting into the structure of school?

Imagine it is possible to identify student learning styles through words, dress, and attitudes. Sheila provides training for educators to learn about themselves, their peers, and their students in a way that allows for ease in instruction by utilizing effective adjustments to communication and teaching styles based on student preferences.

Training is offered to groups in person or individuals online.

Training for Healing Professionals

One of the main reasons clients come to see us is to resolve issues having to do with relationships. Healing past relationships and learning to develop healthy relationships throughout life is one of the main goals presented. Sheila provides training in personality styles to include communication, motivation, life goals, and conflict resolution preferences. You will learn about yourself, your clients, and their circle of relationships that will aid you in working effectively with clients from differing perspectives.

Training is offered to groups in person or individuals online.


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