Reconnect with Yourself

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The stresses of daily living can keep you from the peace and balance you desire in your life. Stresses like life events, relationship and intimacy issues, trauma, distorted or compulsive behaviors in yourself or those you love, depression, anxiety, codependency …these are just a few of the challenges we all face, and which begin to feel overwhelming to just about everyone at some point in their life. At the extreme, you may experience anxiety and sometimes even panic.

Consciously connecting with yourself helps establish congruence between your feelings, values, and actions. It allows for your wholeness to show up in your body, mind, and spirit. Healing requires identifying and expressing feelings, improving self-worth, identifying patterns of self-sabotage, as well as identifying and working through blocks to intimacy in relationships with others and yourself.

Therapy offers you the opportunity to celebrate the successes you achieve as you take steps towards becoming the person you intend to be.  The ultimate goal is to have a more compassionate relationship with yourself.  Self-love and self-worth are the foundational structures for inner wholeness. When you are truly connected to your own innermost feelings, your thinking and actions become more balanced and supportive of your vision for your life.


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