Yoga and Leadership

The Leader Type personality and the People Type personality remind me of the Yin and the Yang of yoga. The Leader type signifies a strong back. The bravery to accept and speak unpopular truths using constructive criticism. The holding true to values, personal and professional integrity and fiscal discipline. Decision making and accountability are paramount. The People type signifies an open heart. The ability to feel all of our feelings. To be vulnerable but not in a way that scares others or promotes instability. On open heart leads us to mentoring others and creating an atmosphere of collaboration. The warrior pose requires both stability and fluidity. People want their leaders to understand them and to care about them. As I practice the poses of yoga both my strength and my flexibility are increased making movements I didn’t think possible come to life over time. As a leader it is equally important to develop both a strong back and an open heart. We are counted on to hold others accountable while admired for lifting them up. Learning the balance of these strengths will help you to create experiences for your team that makes them want to work for you.