Close-Up Talk Radio Spotlights Sheila Walty of Create Change

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Portland, OR In an effort to create the life that we want, sometimes counseling is necessary. Counseling offers an opportunity to explore our past and present experiences in order to identify what we need to overcome as we move forward

When counseling is complete, coaching can take us to the next level. What is possible once we’ve healed our past wounds? What does our life get to be now?

Sheila Walty is a counselor, professional life coach, and the founder of Create Change, which offers counseling services and psychiatric support in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. Proactive and results-oriented, Sheila works with people who are motivated for change.

“The reason for the name Create Change is that’s what we do,” said Sheila. “If life isn’t going the way you want, we work together to proactively create the changes you want to see in your life.”

As a counselor, Sheila specializes primarily in trauma therapy. According to Sheila, trauma memory is stored differently than our other memories; instead of the memory being stored as a movie in your mind, it’s more like a slide show. This can leave people with the feeling that they can’t trust what they remember.

“I see trauma as something that can be healed,” Sheila said. “You need to express to the client that you understand where they are and wherever they are is fine. It’s important to instill hope.”

As a coach, Sheila focuses on teaming up with you to create a path and guidance toward whatever goals you want to accomplish.

“Whether it’s counseling or coaching, I absolutely love seeing people become whole again,” said Sheila. “Sometimes people don’t think their dreams are possible. I love building optimism and watching them achieve success.”

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