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Create Change offers a team of therapists specializing in treating emotional, relational, and cognitive symptoms that hold you back from living the life you want to live.

Trauma recovery is offered as a 5 day intensive therapy that reaches to the heart of the matter and sparks the transition needed to move your healing forward.  Treatment can include other modalities as options and is designed to jump start your progress if you are stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure of the path to recovery.  Following the intensive clients will generally return to their previous therapy or will be assisted to find an ongoing provider.

Navigate Change offers coaching for personal and business development to individuals, couples, business managers and their teams.  Coaching is offered in person, via zoom and utilizing on line modules to supplement your learning.

Sheila offers coaching for relationships at all stages of life and for successfully navigating   life transitions.  She also provides coaching team building, leadership development and business start up, as well as goal setting and peak performance for you and your team.

Create Change offers consultation to professionals working in the area of trauma recovery.  Consultation can take the form of client visits, training and education, clinical supervision, or case consultation.

Training is specifically tailored for therapists, psychologists and teachers to improve their effectiveness with their clients and their students.

Sheila participates in offering Urban retreats for renewal as a multidisciplinary approach to optimizing your health and helping you move forward and be present in your life.

Our Clients Are Talking About Us

“I am very happy with the progress we made, not just working through the latest episode, but in helping me address issues I've struggled with through the years of prior psychotherapy.”

Beth F.

“Create Change has helped me with EMDR  to recover from childhood trauma and abuse. I am feeling peace in my life now and a happiness l have never known before.”

Mark J.

Abuse Survivor

“I was looking for someone to help me in my start up business. She was someone who I could bounce ideas off of and help me get centered on what I do best."

Dave Westmark

Senior Advisor and Life Coach at Firm Foundations Business Advisors

“Sheila is both knowledgeable and interactive as an instructor. Sheila is very professional and demonstrates tremendous integrity both in her work and in her field of expertise. She genuinely cares for people and also has a strong work ethic. She is an excellent role model and guide for those pursuing growth personally, socially, emotionally, and vocationally.”

Joseph Thouvenel 

“Sheila is skilled at presenting content and eliciting valuable reflection in a way that maximizes learning”“I have had the opportunity to attend two of Sheila’s weekend workshops. I traveled 320 miles to attend those two workshops, and will probably do so again.”

Kathleen D. Allen

EdD Associate Professor Saint Martin’s University

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Mindful Relationships Skills

We all want to create loving, passionate, honest relationships that stand the test of time. Relationships are difficult because they ask more of us as they present to us ways of experiencing the wounds of our past. This can include wounds from childhood, peers, or past intimate partners. Often we approach our partnerships as a…

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Yoga and Leadership

The Leader Type personality and the People Type personality remind me of the Yin and the Yang of yoga. The Leader type signifies a strong back. The bravery to accept and speak unpopular truths using constructive criticism. The holding true to values, personal and professional integrity and fiscal discipline. Decision making and accountability are paramount.…

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Time Perception

  The Perception of Time and Mental Illness   There have been various experiments and case studies indicating that people with disrupted mental and mood states exhibit impaired time perception. Depression, can be described as a “smothering confinement” in prolonged despair that dilates the perception of time to a tortuous degree. People suffering from depression…

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