The most important journeys are the ones we make inward. While this search is an intensely personal one, it always helps to have a guide who can point the way. A coach helps you address the questions of "Who am I?" and "Who do I want to be?".  You may feel the need for a deeper sense of purpose or alignment in your life.  When you find yourself in the space of unkowning, you can be simultaneously in a very human place and a very divine one. 


Coaching facilitates life balance while helping you reach your desired goals. A coach assists you to realize your unique vision, life purpose and personal dreams. It is like having a personal trainer for life, taking you to the "next level" financially, relationally and spiritually.  A partnership is developed between you and the coach that is designed to produce results in the client's personal and professional life. Coaching clients often report increased earnings, better use of time, improved physical fitness, better relationships, improved health, more free time, and an overall increase in their sense of control and peace of mind. Coaching works because it brings out people’s best. It bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be by helping you stay focused on your goals.


Relationships are the most important things in our lives. Maybe you are facing challenges in your intimate relationship. Are you considering moving the relationship forward to marriage? Is a separation imminent and you need assistance to make the transition a smooth one? Perhaps you are seeking to strengthen or reestablish a bond with a family member dear to you? Coaching will Improve your communication, intimacy and conflict resolution abilities as you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and significant others in your life. It teaches you how to make informed choices about intentional conversations that allow you to navigate relationship challenges and transitions with greater ease and confidence.


Executive or Leadership Coaching can help you improve the results you are getting by  setting goals that will direct your decisions and actions in business. Leaders learn to utilize the soft and hard people skills required to motivate themselves and others.  Even with the drive, the knowledge and the skills, there can be unknown or unexplainable blocks that keep people from reaching their goals.  Coaching can  help clients both identify and break through the barriers that have prevented them from reaching their highest potential.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners will be assisted to clarify their business vision and mission; define how the business will be built, managed and expanded; and develop projects and action steps to be completed over time.


LIfe brings many transitions as we leave home, embark on a new career, enter into relationships, and build families and community. Sometimes the transition is in becoming your true and authentic self. A coach can serve as a catalyst for your desired change by creating accountability, clarifying and focusing attention and moving you towards action. Often transitions are unplanned and can be difficult to navigate. Maybe a divorce, job loss or illness is thrust upon you, requiring a complete change in your life direction.  A coach can come along side you to guide and support you successfully through the transition to a place that brings you closer to the life you desire.


Partners, couples and family members often face stressful change, estrangement or conflict. Mediation offers a collaborative approach to learn about and consider the options available for the resolution of your concerns.  When people work with one another to reach agreements that are mutually acceptable, relationships improve and peacemaking can begin. A mediator helps you to identify the issues to be discussed, clarify common and opposing needs and interests, and negotiate mutually satisfactory agreements.


We offer the addition of online modules that provide a simple and efficient way to enhance relationships in your personal and professional lives. Personality testing will be utilized to begin to understand yourself and others in a way that will enhance successful communication and conflict resolution. We will explore strengths, motivation, and areas of development opportunity to move you towards your personal best.