Where do we go from here?

Our time is more our own now than ever before.  We have been sent home from work, isolated from social interaction, and forced to find new ways to walk in the world.  We have been collectively asked to stop and just be.  You might feel like everything internally is spinning, unfocused and overwhelming as your system tries to figure out what to do. What is being asked of us now is to slow down, listen in, tend to our foundations. This return to center will enable you to contribute to what’s unfolding with presence and grace. 

Now is the time for us to become strong and healthy.  I have recently begun to focus more on fitness for myself in every sphere.  What goals do you have that have been pushed aside by the bustling of your daily life? What habits can you begin and set in place going forward so that your reentry into the world will be with a more secure, calm, settled mind, body and spirit?