Wound Healing

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I recently had a deep infected cyst removed from my back. Flying to Mexico for some sun and relaxation with a large white patch on my back I was reminded of the wounds we all carry. Wounds infected by victimization, false teaching, and generational patterns. Wounds that festered in our parents and our parents’ parents and their parents.

Debridement is the process of scooping out the infected area to leave it clean and empty. Once cleaned out, the wound is packed to promote gradual healing in a way that is supportive and protected. Drainage lessens over time as the last of the toxins are expelled. The wound heals from the inside out and will likely leave a scar.

The road of personal growth and healing take a similar course. We can get to a place in life where wounds are festering and in danger of bursting on their own. We are smart to intercept the explosion or implosion and take action. Getting down to the roots of our personal issues is essential to clear the space for healing, rebuilding, and reforming our sense of self. Opening and exposing the wound can leave us vulnerable and self-conscious.

Protecting the wounds and tending to them as they are healing is the work of therapy. As healing progresses and new energy arises to fill our lives, we require less in the way of protection and support. The scar is a reminder of where we have come from and the permanent closing of the vulnerability. We can rejoice in our healing, on becoming whole again, and our ability to recognize wounds and healing in others.

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