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Accelerator Overview :

What is Accelerator?

Coach Accelerator is a yearlong program, designed to turn you from a virtual unknown – to an Elite Coach. We do this by marrying our specialized and unique brand of Accelerator mentoring system with “done for you systems”. We will assist you in building your business which can

  1. Run from anywhere in the world
  2. Generate a consistent flow of high ticket clients on-demand
  3. Allow you to make a lasting impact in the world through your coaching

As part of the program, you’ll be getting

  1. Accelerator Mentors, whose aim is to build your business with you
  2. A dedicated and competent team to help you implement the technology
  3. A community of certified elite coaches, available for unlimited consultation

Ultimately, all you need to focus on is BEING A COACH.  

How is it different from other business-building programs?

Most business-building programs focus purely on mentoring you to build a business, without doing any of the technology behind the mentoring, leaving you overwhelmed at the thought of implementation. Accelerator does both, we give you world class mentoring AND a dedicated team to implement and handle the technology. This means that ultimately you can do what you love:  create the content and coach!

How does the program work?

To get an in-depth look into how the program works, check it out here.

What kind of ongoing support do I get and how long does it last?

You’ll have the following as on-going support for a year. 

Education – Access to all updates on Accelerator and future versions of our Incubator or Accelerator Programs. 

Community – Special and unlimited access to our private forum for Accelerator. 

  • Special and unlimited access to our weekly Question and Answer Calls 
  • Access to all workshops that we run as part of Accelerator  
  • Special Access to our Monthly Experts calls 
  • Continued Access to the Slack Workspace 


Back End Tech 

  • Cloud-Based Hosting
  • Safeguarding from hacking
  • Security updates for your website and all your web plugins
  • 3x weekly backups of your entire web ecosystem and its content (that we have built).
  • Hosting of your videos
  • Regular updates of all your web software to make sure you’re running on the latest versions. 


Front End Tech 

Access to updates of Accelerator or Incubator that are already done for you (should we find more effective ways of converting clients, or achieving certain outcomes), this includes but is not limited to:

  • The Experts Site
  • The Conversion Funnel
  • The Email Sequences
  • The Automated webinar setup
  • The Sales Nurturing Sequence
  • Access to our Tech team – who will amend any point of tech in your business (that we’ve built as part of Incubator or Accelerator).

After a year, should you wish to continue receiving the Accelerator program support, it will be available to you for a partner rate of $2,000 USD a year.

How much time should I commit?

If you plan to work through the live program in real-time, we recommend between 8 – 12 hours per week. Many of our clients go through the program as best they can, pausing and returning to it as their schedule allows. 

If you’re not able to carve out that much time at first, don’t worry. You get a yearlong access to Accelerator and can easily work at your own pace, on your own schedule. 

Most of our students have full-time jobs or businesses and families. This experience is designed to stretch you, but it can also be customized to your life. The more focus and dedication you put into Accelerator, the more you’ll get out of it. Other factors that affect how much time you’ll need to complete Accelerator include:

  • Your overall clarity and how quickly you make decisions
  • Whether or not you participate in the Question and Answer Sessions as well as occasional workshops in Accelerator (recommended, but optional)
  • Whether or not you choose to complete every piece of the program

To be clear, there are no fast or guaranteed results. Building a business that matters is not an 8-week, linear event. This program mirrors the reality of entrepreneurship —intense, time-consuming, demanding, and something you’ll work on for the life of your business.

What kind of support will I get and what happens if I’m stuck on the Program at any point?
There are going to be points in Accelerator which will be challenging. Over the years we’ve identified which points those are (like, identifying your niche). At those points, you’ll be given your own coach, or even Sai Blackbyrn himself, to help guide you through, so no matter what point you are in the program, you’ll continue to have momentum.
Will I have a say on what my websites and other designs will look like?
Absolutely. Your team will work with you to create the ‘model’ of the experts site. But in terms of the colour scheme, the images, as well as the text on the site you will have total control over all of those aspects (with our team’s recommendations of course).

Who It’s Perfect For :

Who is right for Accelerator?

Accelerator is geared for Coaches, Consultants, Spiritual and Wellness Practitioners. It’s for beginners and evolving businesses committed to building their own business which

  1. Generates high ticket clients on-demand, and consistently
  2. Runs from anywhere in the world.
  3. Allows them to focus on doing what they love – coach.

Our clients span over 43 countries over dozens of different niches.

Who is not right for this program?
Our program is not right for those looking for help with legal set up, tax structures or raising VC funding or for those looking to market to their fellow students. The Accelerator program is a pitch-free environment. This program is not right for those who hope to learn by osmosis. Accelerator is for action-takers who understand that real change happens with consistent, focused effort over time. This is not a “get-rich-quick” program. It is a “get great over a long period of time” program.
What is not covered in the program?

We outline the specific course breakdown, including the core curriculum and additional master classes included here

Broadly speaking, we don’t cover

  • how to secure VC funding, bank loans or investment capital.
  • anything dealing with choosing legal business structures, insurance, trademarking or anything granular relating to legal, taxes or liability.

For all legal, insurance and tax ad­vice, you need to consult your attorney and your accountant. 

  • We also will not write any of the marketing copy, or the copy for any of the materials the client chooses to publish.

The reason behind this is because at the end of the day, in building a coaching business it is important to remain authentic to you and your voice. 

In the past, we’ve created content for clients, however, it never quite gets the same level of authenticity, as when you create it yourself, especially if you’re in a specialised coaching niche where you are an expert at. 

You will be supported with scripts models, and templates, as well as weekly Q and A calls, workshops and our community, so creating the content should be a breeze.

I do a lot of ‘offline’ physical coaching, will this work for me?
Accelerator is designed to build a business which runs online from anywhere in the world. However, over the years we’ve been running Accelerator, many of our clients have repurposed and used Accelerator to book in speaking arrangements as well as 1 on 1 clients. So, while the program is heavily focused on building an online coaching business, the same methodologies have and are continually being used, to get testimonials of high-ticket clients. Clare ford Testimonial Ginger Raya Testimonial
Do I need to be technically-savvy to be part of Accelerator?

No. You’ll have your own tech team, implementing the technology which we bring up as part of the program. You just have to be good with people (people skills go a long way in interacting with your team), and willing to create your content for your team to implement.

Do I need to be technically-savvy to be part of Accelerator?

No. You’ll have your own tech team, implementing the technology which we bring up as part of the program. You just have to be good with people (people skills go a long way in interacting with your team), and willing to create your content for your team to implement.

I have a business partner; can we enroll in the Accelerator together?
Yes. Provided that you and your business partner are working together in the same coaching business. If you want to build two separate businesses on Accelerator you would need to enroll separately.
I’m not a coach or consultant. Will this work for me?

Accelerator is designed and has rigorously been tested to suit the needs of those with Coaching and consulting businesses. If your business falls out of those two categories, I would recommend you look for a program which is designed specifically for your industry.

The Last Details :

Will Accelerator work for me if I’m just starting out my career and business?
Accelerator is ideal if you’re just starting out because it will train you to think like an entrepreneur, and avoid the costly mistakes even smart entrepreneurs make when launching their first business. Your technology and business will also be built to the best standards right out of the gate, saving you tens of thousands of dollars,  and years building up a patchwork of infrastructure which could turn out to be just slightly effective.
What if you shut down, what happens to my technology?
In the unlikely event that we can no longer serve our purpose, you will be informed a month before hand. And our team will migrate all the technology onto your servers for you free of charge.
What happens if I decide not to renew the yearly support?
Not a problem. You will still have access to the Content in Accelerator. We will disable your access to the community, and our technical team will also migrate over your technology onto your servers free of charge.
What happens if I have different ideas as I move along in the program, will I be able to do changes to my website?
Yes, you have a year long access to the team, should you want small alterations to your funnels or websites, that is not a problem, we will do those for free. Should you want things completely redone, we can do so at an additional fee.
Will you be setting up my payment processor for me?
Yes, you have a yearlong access to the team, should you want small alterations to your funnels or websites, that is not a problem, we will do those for free. Should you want things completely redone, we can do so at an additional fee.
How big is the community?
We try to keep Active members at no more than 50 people at any one time. This means rejecting coaches who want Accelerator, but who we feel are not a good fit for our community. Every community is only as valuable as its members.
I have problems with my niche. Will you help me find one for me?
Yes, in Sprint 1 of Accelerator we’ll be doing just that, find out exactly what that would look like here.
Are there any additional costs?

From our side, there are no additional mandatory costs. There are a few pieces of software we’ll encourage you to get, such as: 

  • An email autoresponder
  • A landing page analytics tool
  • An automated webinar tool. 

Accelerator has its own recommendations, which you’ll be asked to sign up for when you need them, not before-hand. No need to sign up just yet.

If I have books, can I advertise them through the site you will build me?
Yes, when you’re part of Accelerator, be sure to mention this to your team, and ask them to integrate your books with your website.
Do I get access to the backend?
Yes. However, unless you are extremely technically competent, I would encourage you to ask your team to do ‘back end’ tinkering, as small mistakes can cause your website not to function. Everything in your web ecosystem is highly integrated together, so it’s important that you know any little change can affect other parts of your web ecosystem. Your team is well-versed in exactly how everything is set up, and how each aspect interacts with each other.
How much control/ownership do you have over my business. I want the intellectual property to be mine not yours at all. Do you do this?
Your intellectual property will always belong to you. We host your web content, to make it easier for you to focus on what you love doing, without the headache of dealing with all of the different technologies integrating with each other.
What if I decide to get another team with me? How much does it cost to migrate all the tech to me?
Yes you can, you have a yearlong access to our entire program, community and team. Within that time, you can start, stop, take breaks as often as you need.
Can I take breaks in Accelerator, if an important life event is due?
As your business starts to grow, you will want to build your very own team. In this case, our team will interact with yours, and tell them all about the technology behind your business. Then they will work together free, to migrate the tech over to your team.

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