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The key to relating to others—whether they be our boss, clients, peers, family and significant others—is knowing their personality type and being able to talk their language.

It is essential that we first understand ourselves and the strengths and weaknesses of our thinking style to provide a framework for personal growth and development.

When faced with people who are the opposite of our personality type, we may initially have difficulty relating to them. This is where realizing the basis of their life view can bring understanding, patience, and acceptance as we work to combine our strengths to benefit all involved.
Mutual respect for each other’s needs and a commitment to finding mutually acceptable solutions is key to avoiding resentment and assuring follow-through. Successfully relating to others requires celebrating our differences rather than merely tolerating people who think and act differently than us.
The more we can accept, embrace, and even celebrate our differences—and realizing that every personality type brings something of value to the table—the easier and more successful our communication with others will be.

Need help learning how to better communicate with others? Let’s talk. I’d love to help you create better connections with others and within yourself.